Tobacco Tax Bonds

Louisiana Tobacco Tax Surety Bond

A Louisiana Tobacco Tax Surety Bond and registration as a “tobacco dealer” are required of any person or entity who manufacturers or imports cigars, cigarettes, smoking or smokeless tobacco for distribution, sale, use, or consumption in Louisiana.  Every registered tobacco… Continue Reading →

Arkansas Cigarette Stamp Deputy Bond

An Arkansas cigarette stamp deputy bond is a prerequisite of being commissioned by the Department of Finance as a stamp deputy. Cigarette excise taxes are reported and paid by licensed wholesalers or distributors making the first sale in the State of… Continue Reading →

Oklahoma Cigarette Tax Stamp Bond

An Oklahoma cigarette tax stamp bondmust be filed with state tax commission when operating as either a wholesaler or distributing agent of cigarettes.  Oklahoma statute defines a“wholesaler” as a person, firm or corporation primarily selling cigarettes and/or untaxed tobacco products… Continue Reading →

New Jersey Cigarette Tax Bond

A New Jersey cigarette tax bond is required of all parties that engage in the business of cigarette distribution, wholesale or retail.  The cigarette sales business is regulated by the New Jersey “Cigarette Tax Act”.  The original Act, passed by… Continue Reading →

Illinois Cigarette Use Tax Bond

The Illinois Cigarette Tax Act imposes a tax on the occupation of selling cigarettes at retail.  An Illinois cigarette use tax bond is required of sellers to guarantee his or her obligations to the Department of Revenue.  Licensed distributors prepay… Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Cigarette Tax Bond

In the State of Wisconsin dealers and sellers of cigarettes and tobacco products are required to provide a Wisconsin cigarette tax bond or Wisconsin tobacco products tax bondwhen the seller or distributor has failed to file his/her monthly returns and/or… Continue Reading →

Florida Tobacco Products Distributor Bond

As per Florida law, no person may engage in the business of selling or dealing in tobacco products as a distributor in any place of business in the state without first having posted a Florida tobacco products distributor bond and… Continue Reading →

Massachusetts Cigarette Excise Tax Bond

Massachusetts imposes an excise tax excise on the selling, consuming or giving of cigarettes. All sellers of cigarettes and smokeless tobacco must be licensed and provide a Massachusettes cigarette excise tax bond.  The bond amount varies and is set by… Continue Reading →

North Carolina Cigarette Tax Bond

If you open business in the State of North Carolina and offer cigarettes for sale to the general public you must provide a North Carolina cigarette tax bond and apply for a sales license.  The bond guarantees that the licensee… Continue Reading →

Tobacco distributor tax bond.

Most states require that a tobacco product distributor provide a surety bond to guarantee payment of cigarette tax or tobacco product tax to the respective departments of revenue.  This surety bond falls within the miscellaneous surety category, as a financial… Continue Reading →

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