A Louisiana Tobacco Tax Surety Bond and registration as a “tobacco dealer” are required of any person or entity who manufacturers or imports cigars, cigarettes, smoking or smokeless tobacco for distribution, sale, use, or consumption in Louisiana.  Every registered tobacco dealer must immediately after receipt of any unstamped cigarettes affix tax stamps in the required denominations and amount on the cigarette packages.  Tax stamps must be purchased from the Secretary of Revenue and must be affixed in the premises of the wholesale tobacco dealer.   The Louisiana tobacco tax surety bond for the cigarette permit is required in an amount of $2,5000 minimum but can be increased by the Secretary.  Every registered tobacco dealer receiving and handling cigarettes, cigars, smoking tobacco and smokeless tobacco in Louisiana upon which tax has not been previously paid must, within 20 days after the expiration of each calendar month, file a report with the Secretary.  The Louisiana tobacco tax surety bond for this dealer class must also be a minimum of $2,500.

The surety bond obligation guarantees that the principal will pay all taxes, penalties, and costs levied by, accrued or accruing under the Louisiana Tobacco Tax Law, Title 47 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes as required by the provisions of said Law, and will faithfully perform all of the conditions and requirements of the same.  The Louisiana tobacco tax surety bond is a continuing obligation and may be terminated by either Surety or Principal by giving the other thirty (30) days’ notice.  The termination of liability will not relieve the Surety of any liability on any claim or claims known, or claim or claims which might arise, and for which the Surety would be liable before effective date of said notice of termination.  The form does not appear to be cumulative.

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