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North Carolina Invention Development Bond

A North Carolina invention development bond is one of the items required in order to be licensed as an invention development service. Doing business in the State as an “invention developer” is defined in North Carolina General Statutes § 66-209(5). A developer is an… Continue Reading →

North Carolina Irrigation Contractor Bond

In North Carolina if you wish to operate as an irrigation construction or contracting firm or advertise using any title or description that implies irrigation contracting you must be licensed and provide a North Carolina irrigation contractor bond.  The North Carolina… Continue Reading →

North Carolina Letter of Bondability, New Requirements

NC Letter of Bondability

North Carolina Professional Employer Organization Surety Bond

Pursuant to statute and Insurance regulations a North Carolina Professional Employer Organization surety bond is required from all parties that wish to engage in professional employee services.  “Professional employer services” means an arrangement by which employees of a licensee are… Continue Reading →

North Carolina Collection Agency Bond

The Department of Insurance requires a North Carolina collection agency bond from every provider of regulated collection services in the state.  A “collection agency” defined by N.C.G.S. §58-70-15, as any person that procures a listing of delinquent debtors from any creditor and… Continue Reading →

North Carolina Highway Encroachment Bond

A North Carolina highway encroachment bond is prerequisite to the approval of a road encroachment permit in the State.  Any construction or development project that occurs in close vicinity of a state or interstate road has the potential to “encroach”… Continue Reading →

North Carolina Driver Training School Bond

In North Carolina all commercial driving schools must be properly licensed and provide a North Carolina driver training school bond. The regulatory authority is the North Carolina Department of Transportation.  The Department requires a school owner and his/her instructor staff… Continue Reading →

North Carolina Cigarette Tax Bond

If you open business in the State of North Carolina and offer cigarettes for sale to the general public you must provide a North Carolina cigarette tax bond and apply for a sales license.  The bond guarantees that the licensee… Continue Reading →

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