Supersedeas bonds

Hawaii Supersedeas Bond

To stay execution of a judgment pending appeal a Hawaii supersedeas bond is vital.  Pursuant to Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, when an appeal is made the appellant may obtain a stay of execution by giving a supersedeas bond.  The… Continue Reading →

Kentucky Supersedeas Bond

A Kentucky supersedeas bond is not necessarily required for judicial review of a judgment however when an appellant desires a stay on appeal, as provided in Rule 62.03, he may present to the clerk or the court for approval an executed Kentucky… Continue Reading →

Texas Supersedeas Bond

A Texas supersedeas bond is the only alternative for a Texas appellant  if he fails to stay execution of a judgment by motion for injunctive relief from a trial or appellate court in lieu of supersedeas.  Generally a judgment creditor may… Continue Reading →

Kansas Supersedeas Bond

When an appeal is permitted by law from a district court to an appellate court a Kansas supersedeas bond is required if the appellant wishes to stay the judgment against him. Whenever an appellant desires such stay on appeal, such appellant… Continue Reading →

Florida Supersedeas Bond

In the State of Florida your request for an appellate stay MUST be submitted with a Florida supersedeas bond.  In many cases a stay pending review may be absolutely essential to effective relief on appeal. While xecutions on money judgments… Continue Reading →

Supersedeas Bond

A supersedeas bond is essentially an appeal bond.  An appellant that wishes to delay payment or compliance with a judgment may offer a supersedeas bond, effectively staying execution of the judgment during the appeal period.  A supersedeas bond benefits BOTH… Continue Reading →

$1.1b supersedeas bond.

Marvell just took a $1.1 billion verdict!  Who will be the lucky surety company that gets to write THIS supersedeas bond? 😉  Surety One, Inc., is your judicial bond source for all federal, state and local court bond needs.  Visit… Continue Reading →

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