Fiduciary Bonds

Guardianship Bonds ~ Women’s Behavioral Health

Surety bond underwriters involved in the review of guardianship bond applications must consider many factors when determining that a principal is capable of caretaking not only of a ward’s assets but of the ward himself or herself. The National Guardianship… Continue Reading →

Personal Representatives and Multiple Wills

One of the nations’ foremost legal research groups, the National Legal Research Group, Inc. regularly publishes timely pieces on cases at law that impact surety bond professionals that underwrite fiduciary bonds for probate proceedings. Senior Attorney, Jim Will has written… Continue Reading →

Guardianship Surety Bond (Fiduciary Bond)

“Legal guardianship” is a court granted authority in which a responsible person (a “fiduciary”) is appointed to manage the financial affairs and property interests of a third party (a “ward”). A guardianship bond is often required to protect the ward’s… Continue Reading →

Surety One’s Fidelity Bond Program

Did you know that the national surety leader is also the best market for your fidelity bond?  Very much like our promise to always find a solution for our clients’ surety bond needs, we can do the same for your… Continue Reading →

New York Administrator Bond (Surrogate Court Bond)

In brief, an appointee must provide a New York administrator bond before letters of administration in a probate matter can be issued (N.Y. SCP. LAW §805), known as the New York Consolidated Laws Surrogate’s Court Procedure Act (Surety bond of administrator,… Continue Reading →

New Jersey Administrator Bond ~ Probate Bonds in NJ

In cases where a decedent leaves no will a personal representative will have to provide a New Jersey administrator bond, also referred to as a New Jersey personal representative bond.  The bond is required by the County Surrogate Court or… Continue Reading →

Michigan Personal Representative Bond

In probate proceedings a Michigan personal representative bond is required only under specific circumstances.  The surety bond requirement is first addressed in Section 700.3603, which states that a bond is generally not required of a personal representative appointed in informal proceedings,… Continue Reading →

Kansas Probate Bond

Unless otherwise waived by a court, a Kansas probate bond is required where an executor or administrator has been appointed and granted letters of administration.  Pursuant to Kansas statute 59-1101, every fiduciary before entering upon the duties of his or her… Continue Reading →

Illinois Administrator Bond

Unless waived by a will and excuse by the court an Illinois administrator bond is required of administrators and personal representatives before letters of administration can be issued.  Pursuant to Illinois Code, before undertaking the representative’s duties, every individual representative must… Continue Reading →

Vermont Administrator Bond

A Vermont Administrator Bond is required by statute before letters testamentary or of administration may be issued.  The Vermont fiduciary bond requirement can be found in Chapter 61: Executors & Administrators, 14 V.S.A. § 906, which states, “a person to be appointed shall give… Continue Reading →

Texas Administrator Bond

A Texas administrator bond is often required of a dependent administrator of a probate matter.  While not as commonly appointed as an independent executor, a dependent administrator is allowed frequently when there is any controversy between the heirs of an estate… Continue Reading →

Ohio Administrator Bond

An Ohio administrator bond is required by law from ANY party acting as a fiduciary except for a few very specific exceptions AND where the overseeing court concurs.  Ohio statutes define a “fiduciary” as any person, other than an assignee or… Continue Reading →

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