Surety bond underwriters involved in the review of guardianship bond applications must consider many factors when determining that a principal is capable of caretaking not only of a ward’s assets but of the ward himself or herself. The National Guardianship Association offers a broad menu of courses that support the ongoing continuing education needs of wards. Of these, the course “Exploring Ways to Expand Women’s Access to Behavioral Health” is wonderful, and enlightening. The content outlines some serious deficiencies in our current mental health system, and more specifically how those deficiencies affect minority women. Understanding the challenges that a female ward may confront and how a guardian can seek appropriate resources in support of his or her ward are imperative. We HIGHLY recommend this coursework for guardians and the surety company representatives involved in the day-to-day underwriting of guardianship bonds. The course is complete and packed with helpful information for stakeholders in this sector.

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What is the role of a guardian? (Courtesy NC Judicial Branch)
A guardian is a surrogate decision maker and advocate for an individual (the ward) who has been adjudicated incompetent by the court. The guardian must allow the ward to participate as much as possible in the decisions affecting him or her. The guardian is required to preserve the opportunity for the ward to exercise the rights that are within his or her comprehension and judgment, allowing for the same possibility of error as a person who is not incompetent. The guardian must protect the ward’s right to make his or her own choices.