Public Adjuster Bonds

Oklahoma Public Adjuster Surety Bond

Effective November 1st, 2015 the Commission of Insurance will require an enhanced Oklahoma Public Adjuster surety bond in the amount of twenty five thousand dollars. The new bond penalty has been increased from ten thousand dollars. The law requires that… Continue Reading →

Virginia Public Adjuster Surety Bond Applies to Nonresidents

Pursuant to recent changes in the Commonwealth Code, effective July 1, 2014 a non-resident adjuster must post a Virginia public adjuster surety bond just as resident adjusters must do.  The State Corporation Commission has issued an advisory letter which states,… Continue Reading →

Georgia Public Adjuster Bond

Current state Code requires a Georgia public adjuster bond from all parties that wish to adjust insurance losses. “Public adjuster” is defined in GA §33-23-1 as any person who solicits, advertises for, or otherwise agrees to represent a person who is insured… Continue Reading →

Delaware Public Adjuster Bond

An application, examination and Delaware public adjuster bond are the statutory requirements for those who seek licensing in Delaware.  Pursuant to state statute, a “Public adjuster” means any person who, for compensation or any other thing of value: a. Acts or… Continue Reading →

New York Adjuster Bond

A New York adjuster bond is required by law if you operate as either a public adjuster OR independent adjuster.  A “public adjuster” acts on behalf of insureds in settling claims arising under insurance contracts issued by the insurer. An “independent… Continue Reading →

Louisiana Public Adjuster Bond

If you intend to operate in Louisiana as an insurance adjuster you must provide a Louisiana public adjuster bond and fulfill the multiple state requirements for licensing.  Louisiana defines a “public adjuster” as any person who, for any compensation, direct… Continue Reading →

Missouri Public Adjuster Bond

In Missouri a public adjuster or public adjuster solicitor must be licensed and provide a Missouri public adjuster bond.  Missouri statute defines “public adjuster” as any person, partnership, association or corporation engaging in the adjustment or settlement of claims for losses or… Continue Reading →

Hawaii Public Adjuster Bond

In Hawaii a public adjuster must be licensed and provide a Hawaii public adjuster bond.  The Revised Statutes of Hawaii define an adjuster as “any individual who:  (A)  Acts solely on behalf of either the insurer or the insured, as an independent contractor or… Continue Reading →

Texas Public Adjuster Bond

In Texas a public adjuster must be licensed and provide a Texas public adjuster bond.  The Texas Department of Insurance defines public insurance adjuster as “any person who for compensation acts on behalf of an insured in negotiating for or effecting the settlement of a… Continue Reading →

Florida Public Adjuster Bond

In Florida a public adjuster must be licensed and provide a Florida public adjuster bond.  The Florida Department of Insurance defines “public adjuster” as any person, except a duly licensed attorney at law as exempted under statute who for consideration prepares, completes,… Continue Reading →

Pennsylvania Public Adjuster Bond.

The Pennsylvania Department of Insurance issues the license to act as a public adjuster in the state.  The licensee application must include a Pennsylvania public adjuster bond.  The state defines a “public adjuster” as an individual who is hired (for a fee)… Continue Reading →

New Hampshire Public Adjuster Bond.

The New Hampshire Insurance Department issues the license to act as a public adjuster in the state.  The licensee application must include a New Hampshire public adjuster bond.  Pursuant to law,”Public adjuster” means any person who, on behalf of an insured:  (a) Solicits from… Continue Reading →

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