Fuel Tax Bonds

Kentucky Gasoline Dealer Bond

A license and Kentucky gasoline dealer bond are required in order to refine, produce, distill, manufacture, blend, compound, receive, use, sell, transport, store, or distribute any gasoline or special fuel.  Pursuant to KRS §138.310, sale, storage or transportation of any gasoline… Continue Reading →

Arizona IFTA Bond

As an adherent to the international protocols, an Arizona IFTA bond is required by the state for carrier operators.  IFTA (International Fuel Tax Agreement) is a treaty between forty eight U.S. states and ten canadian provinces which greatly simplifies the… Continue Reading →

Texas Motor Fuel Tax Bond

The Comptroller determines the amount of the Texas motor fuel tax bond required of a supplier, permissive supplier, distributor, exporter, importer, or blender that operate(s) within the state.  Each of the six classes of permit require this type of security…. Continue Reading →

North Dakota Motor Fuel Tax Bond

All companies that negotiate motor fuels must post a North Dakota motor fuel tax bond and comply with the statutory duties required for such distributors.  Excluding pipeline activity, those that import into the state, make bulk deliveries, and are retailers located on… Continue Reading →

New Hampshire Motor Fuel Distributor Bond

A proper distributor license and New Hampshire motor fuel distributor bond must be on file with the Department of Safety or it is deemed a violation of law for any person to sell or use motor fuel upon which the road… Continue Reading →

Idaho Fuel Distributor Bond

An Idaho fuel distributor bond is required and must be filed with a distributors license application before commencing operations within the state. “Distributor” means any person who receives motor fuel in to Idaho.  This includes a special fuels dealer, however any… Continue Reading →

DC Motor Fuel Bond

Generally, a DC motor fuel bond is required of all distributors of motor fuels within the District of Columbia.  Because there is no such thing as “local production in the District, fuel operators are “importers” as contemplated under the Code…. Continue Reading →

Missouri Fuel Tax Bond

A Missouri fuel tax bond can be required for multiple classes of motor fuel users in Missouri.  According to the state department of revenue, the major fuel license classifications are: Supplier, Permissive Supplier, Distributor, Distributor with Eligible Purchaser Status, Transporter,… Continue Reading →

Delaware Motor Fuel Distributor Bond

A Delaware motor fuel distributor bond is required of any person, association of persons, firm or corporation who imports into the State gasoline for use, distribution, storage or sale after the gasoline reaches the State or who, being in the business… Continue Reading →

Alabama Fuel Tax Bond

In Alabama every distributor or supplier of motor fuels is responsible for property tax accounting and maintaining the proper Alabama fuel tax bond with the Department of Revenue if required.  It is the operator’s responsibility to collect and pay over to the… Continue Reading →

California Fuel Tax Bond (IFTA)

California carriers and transport company that may be subject to IFTA protocols may be required to post a California fuel tax bond.  Users of fuel must apply for a permit from the State Board of Equalization.  The Board whenever it… Continue Reading →

IFTA Bond for Montana

Montana interstate vehicle operators that are subjet to IFTA registration are also subject to the Montana special fuel tax laws.  Montana statutes require an operator to file a Montana IFTA bond and receive a permit from the Department of Transportation… Continue Reading →

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