Montana interstate vehicle operators that are subjet to IFTA registration are also subject to the Montana special fuel tax laws.  Montana statutes require an operator to file a Montana IFTA bond and receive a permit from the Department of Transportation if carrier operational control and/or records are maintained in Montana.  The Motor Fuels Section requires an initial bond in the amount of $5,000 to guarantee that a carrier will meet its motor fuel tax obligations. You may download the IFTA bond for Montana here tor review the obligation.  The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) allows a motor carrier to obtain a single fuel license and set of decals upon application and deposit of an IFTA bond with the carrier’s base state. The carrier must thereafter file quarterly fuel use tax returns with the same jurisdiction.  Surety One, Inc., offers fuel tax surety bonds for airline, marine and ground transport operations.  No one is more agile or prompt at fulfilling your IFTA bond or fuel tax bond need. We welcome applications from both foreign and domestic companies operating in the United States.  Visit us at, call (787) 333-0222 or (800) 373-2804, or email for a Montana IFTA bond application or information regarding any surety bond need.