A supersedeas bond is essentially an appeal bond.  An appellant that wishes to delay payment or compliance with a judgment may offer a supersedeas bond, effectively staying execution of the judgment during the appeal period.  A supersedeas bond benefits BOTH parties to a suit.  The appellant does not have to pay or perform until the case is reheard, and the opposing party enjoys the security of the surety’s promise to pay. There are many advantages to obtaining a surety bond rather than posting bonds as a personal surety.

Supersedeas bonds can be very large although certain jurisdictions have instituted statutory caps on surety bond amounts. The appellate jurisdiction’s rules of appellate procedure often provide a formula for determining the amount of the appeal bond. For example, a particular code may require an appellant to post a supersedeas bond equal to one and one half to two times the amount of the judgment. Applying for an a judicial bond is very simple with us. A surety company will require a complete surety bond application, a copy of the pertinent court documents and that the appellant retain legal counsel. These three items are sufficient for a surety company to offer a premium quote (bond cost) and collateral terms if required.Let us show you how we can help!

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