In the general courts of justice in Iowa, simply filing an appeal does not stop judgment enforcement.  You must file an Iowa supersedeas bond with the clerk of court and have that bond be approved by the court.  The Supreme court of the state has clearly stated that, “an Iowa supersedeas bond is a method of keeping creditors at bay to maintain the status quo until an appeal is decided.”  Pursuant to the Iowa Code of Civil Procedure 625A.9, The court may set an Iowa supersedeas bond in an amount in excess of one hundred ten percent of the amount of the money judgment upon making specific findings justifying such an amount, and in doing so, shall consider, but shall not be limited to consideration of, the following criteria: (1) The availability and cost of the bond or other form of adequate security. (2) The assets of the judgment debtor and of the judgment debtor’s insurer or indemnitor, if any. (3) The potential adverse effects of the Iowa supersedeas bond on the judgment debtor, including, but not limited to, the potential adverse effects on the judgment debtor’s employees, financial stability, and business operations. (4) The potential adverse effects of the bond on the judgment creditor and third parties, including public entities. (5) In a class action suit, the adequacy of the Iowa supersedeas bond to compensate all members of the class.  Further, Subsection (b)states that, “in no case shall a bond exceed one hundred million dollars, regardless of the value of the money judgment. This limitation shall not apply in cases where the court finds that the defendant intentionally dissipated his assets outside the ordinary course of business for the purpose of evading payment of the judgment.

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