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What Is A Bid Bond

As a surety-specific agency with a national footprint we numerous requests for “bid bonds” each day.  Contractors who have dealt with corporate sureties are aware of what these are however many new and smaller construction and commercial services contractors do… Continue Reading →

US Department of Transportation Bonding Education Program

The United States Department of Transportation has updated its protocols regarding the DOT’s Surety Bonding Education Program.  As per the DOT and taken directly from their published circular, The Surety Bonding Education Program (BEP) process includes: Stakeholders meeting Members of… Continue Reading →

MBDI surety bond readiness program.

Reported in the January/February edition of the the SFAA Newsletter, the Minority Business Development Institute (MBDI) offered its first performance bond readiness program.  The Program offers a direct, one-on-one learning opportunity focused on women, minority and local, emerging contractors.  MBDI’s… Continue Reading →

SBA surety bond guarantee program higher limits.

The Small Business Administration’s (SBA’s) Surety Bond Guarantee Program was designed to increase small businesses’ access to federal, state, and local government contracting, as well as private-sector contracts, by guaranteeing bid bonds, performance bonds, and payment bonds for individual contracts of $2 million… Continue Reading →

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