Washington Mechanic’s Lien Release Bond

Sooner or later a general contractor will have a conflict with a subcontractor. A Washington mechanic’s lien release bond is an effective and immediate remedy, allowing the GC to deliver a lien-free project to his or her client. Washington statutes… Continue Reading →

Washington Supersedeas Bond

Generally, a trial court decision may be enforced pending appeal or review unless a Washington supersedeas bond is posted and the execution stayed pursuant to the provisions of the Rules of Civil Procedure (RAP 8.1).  Any party to a review proceeding… Continue Reading →

Washington Collection Agency Bond

Both resident and out-of-state operators must provide a Washington collection agency bond before offering debt collection services within the state.  The law defines “collection agency” as: (a) Any person engaged in soliciting claims for collection, or collecting or attempting to collect… Continue Reading →

Washington Contractors License Bond

SuretyOne.com is a market for your Washington contractors license bond.  We offer both classes of license bond; the specialty contractor $6,000 surety bond, and the general contractor $12,000 surety bond. Per state rules, a general contractor can perform or supervise numerous building trades… Continue Reading →

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