In North Carolina if you wish to operate a proprietary business school, or proprietary trade school or proprietary technical school, or correspondence school you must provide a North Carolina private proprietary school bond and obtain authorization to operate from the State Board of Community Colleges.  The bond obligation is extensive but generally guarantees that the students that enroll in the private education program will receive the education contracted for and that tuition and related fees will be handled responsibly and for the benefit of the student.  Further, the North Carolina proprietary school guaranty bond is a “fair play” bond, guaranteeing that students that don’t receive what they have paid for enjoy a fair and equitable refund policy.  Surety One, Inc., the nation’s leader in surety will issue these for qualified post-secondary educators regardless of credit condition in every state where bonding is required for private proprietary schools. Visit us at, call (787) 333-0222 or (800) 373-2804, or email for a North Carolina proprietary school bond application of further information about surety bonds.