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Financial Statements for Contract Surety Bonding

A financial statement is the most important data source for the surety bond underwriter. Although there are a myriad of factors that influence the contract surety bonding underwriter’s judgment of a contractor’s qualifications (financial and otherwise), the financial statement is… Continue Reading →

Surety One, Inc. de Puerto Rico ~ Surety Bonds para 2019

Con suma alegría por la gracia de la amistad y lealtad de nuestros estimados clientes, socios y allegados queridos, Surety One, Inc. de Puerto Rico ha gozado de un año estelar. Nos alegra de sobremanera el hecho que hayamos podido… Continue Reading →

Surety One, Inc. is now on Pinterest

Do you enjoy pictures to go along with surety bond and fidelity bond product information?  No problem!  Surety One, Inc. is now on Pinterest.  Visit our board at http://www.pinterest.com/SuretyOne/surety-one-inc/ for photos and short, informative posts about bonds, the bonding environment and… Continue Reading →

Surety One, Inc. Charitable Activity 2014, Constantin Poindexter

“Todo indica que estamos en camino de otro año excepcional con mis fundaciones benéficas.”, dice Constantin Poindexter, Presidente y CEO del grupo afianzador Poindexter.  Los esfuerzos caritativos del licenciado Poindexter para el 2014 han centrado en apoyar grupos de investigación… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Surety Support of Public Private Partnerships (P3s)

Our President and Chief Underwriter, Constantin Poindexter appeared recently in the Engineering New Record Surety Supplement, responding to a general Q&A about why surety participation in public private partnerships is essential.  Copied below is the response in full, which you… Continue Reading →

Surety One principal named Re Scholar.

Our chief underwiter and CEO, Constantin Poindexter has been awarded the Re Scholar certificate by the Reinsurance Association of America (RAA).  Mr. Poindexter is one of only SIXTEEN individuals worldwide to have earned this honor. The designation signifies that the… Continue Reading →

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