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Como siempre, gracias por su atención y su amable interés en mi compañía afianzadora. Surety One, Inc.

Our holding company and it’s subsidiary firms are diverse but strongly focused on the surety sector. There is no bond for which we do not have an appetite. If it is bondable and we can “get our heads wrapped around” the obligation, we will offer terms. Our philosophy is to NEVER DECLINE A BOND. Surety One, Inc. and/or it’s principal, a Janus Assurance Re member, are licensed in all fifty states, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Canada and the Dominican Republic. In addition to standard surety and fidelity markets Surety One, Inc., offers non-standard surety capacity. We do not set an arbitrary upper limit on single or aggregate liability. We are appointed by large international carriers, own our ow n insurance company, and have fronting and reinsurance agreements that give us more capacity than we will ever need. EVERY bond applicant, small or large is important to us. Bond applications and/or program business are judged on their own merits and terms set accordingly. Surety One, Inc., does not obtain bonds through other brokers. All of our appointments are direct or we are directly writing the business.