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Washington Contractor License Bond Increase

The state statute that obligates contractors to provide bonding, RCW 18.27.040 (1) has been amended to require increased Washington contractor license bond penalties. Effective July 1st of this year, the minimum surety bond amounts required from both Specialty and General… Continue Reading →

North Carolina General Contractor License Bond Now Available!

For decades a North Carolina general contractor license bond has been out of reach for the large majority of license candidates have not been able to obtain bonding for lack of financial statement strength and because of the onerous terms… Continue Reading →

DC home improvement contractor bond.

If you repair, remodel, alter, convert, modernize or build an addition to a residential property in the District then you must provide a DC home improvement contractor bond to be licensed as a home improvement contractor. The surety bond must… Continue Reading →

Contractor license surety bond in Florida.

Florida contractors must provide a Florida contractor license bond in order to obtain a contractor license.  The bond requirement is $20,000.  Many Florida contractors have found it difficult to obtain the required bond because of the Board’s subjective requirement that… Continue Reading →

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