If you wish to operate as an electrical contractor in the District of Columbia you must provide a DC Electrical Bond, also called a DC Electrical Surety Bond for Designated Masters, pass the electrical contractor examination and fulfill all licensing requirements set by the DC Occupational and Professional Licensing Administration.  A $4,000 surety bond is required for an electrical contractor, and $2,000 for an electrical contractor specialist for low voltage work.  Separate bonds must be posted for the contractor and his/her Designated Master electrician.

Electrical contractors in the District are regulated by the DCRA under District of Columbia Title 17 DCMR chapter 2.  The District of Columbia electrical surety bond guarantees that the licensee will comply with the electrical bonding and licensing regulations of the District, all laws of the District relating to electrical work placed in, upon, or leading to or from any building or structure in the District, and shall save and keep harmless the District of Columbia and any person who may be aggrieved by the violation of the laws or regulations in force in the District of Columbia applicable to the performance of the contractor’s work or as a consequence of any and all acts done by the said contractor.

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