In Florida any party engaged in the business of financing insurance premiums must be licensed and provide a Florida premium finance company bond.  The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation oversees premium finance company activities and defines an insurance premium finance company as a person engaged in the business of entering into premium finance agreements with insureds, or a person engaged in the business of acquiring premium finance agreements from other premium finance companies.  An applicant may provide a $35,000 surety bond and evidence of a net worth of $10,000, attested by two officers of the licensee, to qualify for the license.  The Florida insurance premium finance company surety bond guarantees that the licensee will faithfully perform its obligations to all parties to insurance premium financing contracts or other such documents as imposed by said Chapter 627, Part XV, Florida Statutes. The nation’s surety leader, Surety One, Inc., specializes in bonds for the financial services sector. We will offer terms to ALL applicants for this bond class.   We also offer superlative fidelity bond coverages to protect against losses due to employee dishonesty. Visit, call (787) 333-0222 or (800) 373-2804, or email for a Florida premium finance company bond application or information about premium finance company bonds in any state where you wish to obtain a license.