Janus Assurance Re is a direct source of bond capacity for international obligations that require surety support. Janus will consider contract surety applications lesser than or equal to ten million U.S. dollars and commercial surety applications no greater than five hundred thousand U.S. dollars. Higher limits are available on a collateralized or cosurety basis. For bonding needs WITHIN the United States please contact our North American representative.

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Janus Assurance Re is a captive insurance company originally constituted in Bermuda, redomiciled in the Dominican Republic. Janus is in compliance with the mandatory capital and surplus requirements of its domiciliary regulator. Janus is not an admitted carrier in the United States nor does Janus appear on the United States Treasury List of sureties acceptable for federal undertakings. Janus operates as a direct market throughout the Caribbean and within the United States through fronting and reinsurance agreements.