If a party in to an action in a civil matter in the State Maryland takes an adverse verdict and wishes to stay collection of the same during the pendency of an appeal, he or she will be required to post a Maryland supersedeas bond.  Under Maryland Rule 8-422, the supersedeas bond guarantees satisfaction in full of the judgment from which the appeal is taken, together with costs, interest, and damages for delay, if for any reason the appeal is dismissed or if the judgment is affirmed, or any modified judgment and costs, interest, and damages entered or awarded on appeal.  A Maryland supersedeas bond for either a plaintiff or defendant requires careful underwriting by a surety company and generally require the support of collateral security. It is important to obtain the surety bond from a surety company with experience in the Maryland courts and with the proper bond filing requirements as there are particular formatting protocols that must be followed in order for the undertaking to be accepted.

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