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Hawaii Mortgage Loan Servicer Surety Bond

Hawaii Mortgage Loan Servicer Surety Bond ~ SuretyOne.com, Hawaii's No. 1 Surety Bond Company

Hawaii Private Detective Agency Bond

A Hawaii private detective agency bond is required from each private detective, security guard or detective agency on the island before a license will be issued.  Hawaii code defines a “private detective” as a person licensed under Chapter 463 HRS, a… Continue Reading →

Hawaii Public Adjuster Bond

In Hawaii a public adjuster must be licensed and provide a Hawaii public adjuster bond.  The Revised Statutes of Hawaii define an adjuster as “any individual who:  (A)  Acts solely on behalf of either the insurer or the insured, as an independent contractor or… Continue Reading →

Hawaii Employment Agency Bond

An employment agency in the State of Hawaii must be licensed and provide a Hawaii employment agency bond.  The state agency regulating debt collection activity, the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs defines a “commercial employment agency” as any individual, partnership, corporation,… Continue Reading →

Hawaii Collection Agency Bond

Hawaii statutes require any person or business who operates as a collection agency to provide a Hawaii collection agency bond to the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs in the amount of $25,000 for the primary office and a $15,000 surety bond for… Continue Reading →

Hawaii Contractors License Bond

In order to engage in general contracting on the islands the Contractors License Board may require all general and special contractors to provide a Hawaii contractors license bond.  The surety bond can be no less than $5,000.  In addition to guaranteeing… Continue Reading →

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