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Indiana Public Official Bond Laws Changed in 2015

Surety bond underwriters, sureties and individuals with a morbid interest in understanding the statutes underlying public official bond obligations should take a look at the new requirements that an Indiana public official bond must meet. The law (Indiana Senate Enrolled… Continue Reading →

Public Official Bonds Needed by Newly Elected Officials

Election day ¬†has come and passed and its passing brings new political faces and a renewal of some incumbent ones. Many government positions, and especially those with fiduciary duties, will require posting of a public official bond before officials will… Continue Reading →

Constable Bond

A constable bond is a simple public official bond. ¬†Public official bonds are like fidelity bonds in that they guarantee a principal’s honest handling of public funds, however this type of surety bond also service as a guarantee against “misfeasance,… Continue Reading →

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