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Alaska Supersedeas Bond

Pursuant to current civil rules of appellate procedure (Rule 24(a)), an automatic stay of execution on a civil judgment is in effect for two days. If an appellant wishes to extend the stay during an appeal then he or she… Continue Reading →

Alabama Supersedeas Bond

An Alabama supersedeas bond is required of all appellants when he or she seeks to stay collection of a judgment during the pendancy of an appeal. Rule 8. of the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure is clear that baring very… Continue Reading →

Georgia Supersedeas Bond (Appeal Bond)

Chapter 5 of the Georgia Appellate Handbook specifically addresses the Georgia supersedeas bond requirements for appellants. Pursuant to the Handbook, “A supersedeas bond is not automatically required in cases in which a notice of appeal has been filed and the appropriate… Continue Reading →

Appeal Bond

An appeal bond is frequently required of defendants and occasionally plaintiffs to a civil lawsuit. An “appeal” is a formal request of a superior court (often a court of appeals) that it review the decision of an inferior court such… Continue Reading →

Washington Supersedeas Bond

Generally, a trial court decision may be enforced pending appeal or review unless a Washington supersedeas bond is posted and the execution stayed pursuant to the provisions of the Rules of Civil Procedure (RAP 8.1).  Any party to a review proceeding… Continue Reading →

Hawaii Supersedeas Bond

To stay execution of a judgment pending appeal a Hawaii supersedeas bond is vital.  Pursuant to Hawaii Rules of Civil Procedure, when an appeal is made the appellant may obtain a stay of execution by giving a supersedeas bond.  The… Continue Reading →

Illinois Appeal Bond

A stay of enforcement of a monetary judgment requires that an Illinois appeal bond be offered and a timely notice of appeal provided. Illinois rules civil procedure clearly provide for this mechanism under Rule 305(a).  The bond must be filed within… Continue Reading →

Kentucky Supersedeas Bond

A Kentucky supersedeas bond is not necessarily required for judicial review of a judgment however when an appellant desires a stay on appeal, as provided in Rule 62.03, he may present to the clerk or the court for approval an executed Kentucky… Continue Reading →

Michigan Appeal Bond

A Michigan appeal bond must be posted if you wish to stop execution of an adverse civil verdict.  While a defendant does enjoy a short post-verdict period to file an appeal of right, such appeal does not stay execution.  Pursuant to… Continue Reading →

Supersedeas Bond

A supersedeas bond is essentially an appeal bond.  An appellant that wishes to delay payment or compliance with a judgment may offer a supersedeas bond, effectively staying execution of the judgment during the appeal period.  A supersedeas bond benefits BOTH… Continue Reading →

Appeal bond.

An appeal bond is a surety bond required by one who wishes to have a judgment or execution of judgment stopped pending reconsideration of the case by the Court. The bond guarantees that the opposing party will be made whole… Continue Reading →

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