If you wish to operate an employment placement service in the District Columbia you must provide a DC employment agency bond and follow the District’s specific procedures for licensing.  DC defines an employment agency as any individual, partnership, association, corporation, contractor, or subcontractor in the District who, for a fee, procures, offers, or attempts to procure job-seekers for employers or employment for job-seekers, and whose fees are charged in whole or in part to the job-seekers contracting for those services. The District of Columbia employment agency bond must be issued for the duration of the business activity’s two-year license period.  If the average fee for a job seeker is $2,000 or more and the employment agency enters into contracts with 100 or more job seekers per year the the bond requirement is $100,000.  If the average fee for a job seeker is less than $2,000 and the agency enters into contracts with fewer than 100 job seekers per year then the DC employment agency bond is $50,000.  The DC Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs has helpful instructions on the entire licensing procedure.  The bond obligation guarantees that the agency will comply with the laws regulating the business and pay all damages caused another because of misstatement,, misrepresentation, fraud, deceit or any other unlawful conduct under the license. National surety leaderSurety One, Inc., is the ‘No. 1’ underwriter of the bonding needs of the financial services sector.  We offer terms for employment agency bonds for ALL applicants in every state that requires bonding. We also offer superlative third party fidelity bond coverages designed for employment agencies to ensure against employee dishonesty.  Visit SuretyOne.com, call (787) 333-0222 or (800) 373-2804, or email Underwriting@SuretyOne.com for a DC employment agency bond application or information about any bond product.