A land title abstracter in Kansas must be licensed and provide a Kansas abstracter bond.  Pursuant to Kansas statute every person, firm, partnership, association or corporation, which makes, compiles or completes and sells abstracts of title to real estate in the state of Kansas shall first secure and hold a valid license.  The license and examination are administrated by the Kansas Abstracters’ Board of Examiners.  The Kansas bond of abstracter must be a minimum of $25,000 and the abstracter must file a separate $25,000 bond in each county in which he or she operates. The abstracter bondobligation ensures  payment of damages that may be sustained or accrue to any person, firm, corporation or body politic by reason of damage by mutilation, injury or destruction of any record or records of the several county offices to which the abstracter may have access, and for the payment of any and all actual damages that may be sustained or accrue to any person or persons relying thereon by reason of or on account of any error, deficiency or mistake in any abstract or continuation thereof made and issued by the abstracter.  The nation’s surety leaderSurety One, Inc., will offer terms to all abstracter applicants regardless of credit condition.  Visit SuretyOne.com, call (787) 333-0222 or (800) 373-2804, or email Underwriting@SuretyOne.com for a Kansas abstracter bond application or information about any bond product.