A clean certificate of title can be issued with the deposit of a Nebraska title bond and proper application materials with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  This process is available to Nebraska residents when no title has ever been issued in any state, the applicant is unable to provide a properly assigned certificate of title or manufacturer’s statement of origin, or the motor vehicle currently has a bonded title in another state.  The Nebraska certificate of title bond is not ordinarily available for ATVs, UTVs or mini-bikes.  To begin the bonded certificate of title process you must first request a search through the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles to determine if a Nebraska title exists.  The DMV provides an easy form this request and the cost is one dollar.  Regardless of where the original title was issued, if any previous owner or lienholder is found you must send him or her a certified letter informing the party of your intent to submit a Nebraska title bond and take clean title to the motor vehicle. Any titled owner, the lienholder if one exists, or the person or business where you acquired the vehicle, must be allowed thirty (30) days to respond to your certified letter. If any letter is returned with an indication of a new address, you must send a certified letter to the new address. If after thirty (30) days there is no response from any party(ies), or if all letter(s) come back as undeliverable, you can proceed with the Nebraska title bond and application for a bonded title. You must submit a copy of the letter(s) and return receipt(s) to the DMV along with the application. Any returned letters should remain sealed, so you should retain a copy of the letters you submit.  The application consists of the letters,an original written document that you received at the time the vehicle was acquired such as a bill of sale or other proof of purchase/transfer,  photographs of the vehicle, a sheriff’s inspection report and the Nebraska certificate of title bond.  The surety bond must be issued by a bonding company or insurance agency licensed to do business in Nebraska. The amount of the bond must be based on one and one half times the current value of the vehicle as shown by the property tax valuation or the NADA Guide. The Nebraska title bond must be valid for no less than three (3) years. The surety bond must be submitted to the DMV within thirty days of the date of issuance of the surety bond.  The Department’s website is a helpful resource for step-by-step instructions on the entire Nebraska bonded title process.  You can find the portal hereNational surety leaderSurety One, Inc. offers a very simple title bond application and same day mailing of your title bond.  The facts surrounding your title issue don’t matter.  We will offer you bond terms regardless of your title problem.  Visit SuretyOne.com, call (787) 333-0222 or (800) 373-2804, or email Underwriting@SuretyOne.com for a Nebraska title bond application or for further information about bonding.