As a operational prerequisite an Oklahoma alcoholic beverage tax bond must be posted by every holder of a mixed beverage, beer and wine, caterer or special event license issued by the Alcoholic Beverage Laws Enforcement Commission. The surety company issuing the bond  chartered or authorized to do business in the state.  The Oklahoma alcoholic beverage tax bond must be a continuing obligation. Each year that the surety bond is in effect constitutes a new bond period for the sum stated thereon, essentially making this a cumulative obligation.  The surety bond remains in effect until the surety is released and discharged by the Tax Commission. The Tax Commission sets the amount of the surety bond for each place of business after considering the estimated gross receipts tax liability of the location. The Oklahoma alcoholic beverage tax bond must be written in an amount no less than that equal to the average estimated quarterly gross receipts tax liability and no greater than an amount equal to three times the amount of the average estimated quarterly gross receipts tax liability.  The surety bond is posted to protect the state from failure of the taxpayer or licensee to pay the tax levied under Section 576 of the ABC laws.  The forfeiture or cancellation of an Oklahoma alcoholic beverage tax bond for any reason automatically revokes the mixed beverage tax permit issued pursuant to the provisions of the Oklahoma Alcoholic Beverage Control Act.  The bond obligation states that the licensee will make and file with the Oklahoma Tax Commission, the reports, invoices and details of transactions and operations in alcoholic beverages required by law and by the Regulations of the Oklahoma Tax Commission, and pay any and all alcoholic beverage taxes, and penalties and interest due the State of Oklahoma. The Oklahoma alcoholic beverage tax bond may be canceled by written request of the surety sen by certified mail to the Director of the Taxpayer Assistance Division, Oklahoma Tax Commission.

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