Every month we endeavor to share with our partners and clients, the worst bond obligations that come into our office.  We post those surety bond forms in a special location within our web server which you can visit here https://suretyone.com/ShitBond1.php   We call this the “Shit Bond” page. Here you will find the shittiest surety bond forms and obligations that we have ever encountered.

If you have one that you wish to send us, we’ll gladly add it to the collection!

The commercial surety bond class is made up of simple, transactional bonds that do NOT contain contract performance guarantees. License and permit bonds, public official bonds, judicial bonds, miscellaneous surety bonds, etc., are the major categories of this class. The industry has largely moved to simple one-page applications for small bond penalties. Large surety bond requests and those bond obligations that contain language or provisions that are onerous (i.e., again, shit bond forms) require review of personal and business financial statements. Surety bonds are credit instruments therefore personal credit and financial stability are important factors in underwriting and rating. We offer non-standard program access to applicants that may have damaged credit or may not have had the opportunity to develop a credit history.

Surety One, Inc., . . . international surety bond leader, . . . reading and understanding bond forms, even the shittiest ones in recent modern history.

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