Every business that engages in the wholesale distribution of prescription drugs including but not limited to manufacturing in the State of Mississippi or that sells or offers to sell drugs must register annually with the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy and provide the appropriate pharmaceutical drug facility surety bond. As per the language of the obligation the bond ensures compliance with the requirements of the Mississippi Pharmacy Practice Act, Mississippi Code Annotated §§ 73-21-71, et seq., and the rules and regulations adopted by the MBP. The surety bond also secures payment of any administrative penalties imposed by the MBP, and any fees and costs incurred by the MBP in relation to enforcing the rules and regulations should the principal fail to pay them. The bond may be issued in two denominations which are based on the operator’s sales volume, either $100,000 or $10,000 for a facility whose annual gross receipts total $10,000 or less during the preceding tax year. The application materials may be downloaded from the MBP’s website here. The Mississippi pharmaceutical drug facility surety bond, application and fees may be filed with the MBP at

Mississippi Board of Pharmacy
6360 I-55 North, Suite 400
Jackson, MS 39211

The pharmaceutical drug facility surety bond is a continuous obligation however it is non-cumulative by specific wording. The surety may cancel the bond by certified or registered mail delivery to the MBP. No further liability may accrue from sixty days after receipt of cancellation notice OR upon delivery and acceptance of a replacement bond. The obligation does carry a one year tail during which period the MBP may file a claim.

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