pawnbroker bond

Pawnbroker Surety Bond

Pawnbrokers are considered a form of financial institution and are regulated as one. A pawnbroker surety bond is currently required by approximately twenty states and many municipalities. Generally the surety bond amount is small and guarantees only that the pawn… Continue Reading →

Oregon Pawnbroker Bond

To make high interest loans and accept goods in pawn in Oregon you must be licensed and provide an Oregon pawnbroker bond. The pawnbroker license is issued by the Department of Finance & Corporate Securities.  ORS 726 and OAR 441-740 are the statutes which regulate pawnbrokers,… Continue Reading →

Pawnbroker surety bond.

Most states and many municipalities require an applicant for a pawnbroker license to provide a surety bond.  The bond often guarantees the pawnbroker’s honest conduct and compliance with the codes that regulate the business.  Regardless of your surety bond need or personal… Continue Reading →

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