To make high interest loans and accept goods in pawn in Oregon you must be licensed and provide an Oregon pawnbroker bond. The pawnbroker license is issued by the Department of Finance & Corporate SecuritiesORS 726 and OAR 441-740 are the statutes which regulate pawnbrokers, defined as “persons who lend money at a higher rate of interest than ten percent per annum and take a pledge of personal property, other than vehicles required to be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles, securities or printed evidences of indebtedness”. Oregon Pawnbroker Surety Bonds must be made payable to the State of Oregon in the amount of $25,000, and guarantee that the pawnbroker will conform to and abide by the provisions of the Pawnbrokers Act and all rules adopted by the director of the Department of Consumer and Business Services, and pay to the State and to any person aggrieved by the misconduct or the violation of any law by the pawnbroker any and all monies that may become due or owing to the State or others under the provisions of ORS Chapter 726.

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A “surety bond” is a financial instrument that guarantees that a party, natural person or business entity (the “principal”) will perform certain contractual terms, or will comply with the statutory requirements of specific professional or occupational licenses. Want to learn more? Read about what a surety bond is, how to apply for one and how much they cost here.