Unable to provide your county clerk with a title assignment?  A Wyoming title bond will support your efforts to obtain clear titling in lieu of proper title transfer documentation.  There are particular steps that you must take to obtain a bonded title.  You must execute an affidavit of ownership form, have a vehicle identification number inspection completed by a law enforcement agency, and have a title search performed by the Wyoming Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Services Division.  (You may download the form for requesting that title lien search here.)  If any liens are revealed you must notify the party of your intent to post a Wyoming title bond and take clear title to the vehicle.  In order to fix the appropriate bond amount you must determine the motor vehicle’s value.  The Wyoming Department of Transportation authorizes the following methods for determining that value:  1.) From a current national appraisal guide (for example, Kelley Blue Book or NADA), 2.)  from a current or past registration, or 3.) from a licensed Wyoming vehicle dealer.  The Wyoming title bond must be written in an amount DOUBLE the retail value of the vehicle as determined above, and must be issued by a surety approved to conduct business in the state.  Any questions about the Wyoming bonded title process can be directed to Marian Scott, WYDOT-Motor Vehicle Services, 5300 Bishop Boulevard, Cheyenne WY 82009, (307)777-4883.  The surety obligation states that the applicant is submitting the bond in efforts to comply with W.S. 31-2-105, and will pay, indemnify and hold harmless any person who shall suffer any loss or damage by reason of issuance of the new, clear certificate of title to the vehicle.  The Wyoming title bond penalty is limited to the face amount of the bond, regardless of the number of claims against it and is limited in duration to the Wyoming civil claims statute of limitations.  Currently, a vehicle can be exempted from the bonded title requirement if its value is less than six hundred dollars.  Legislation was introduced in 2012 to increase that threshold to $2,000.

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