Pursuant to law an applicant must post a Connecticut driving school bond and receive a license from the state Commissioner of Motor Vehicles before operating a driver’s school. “Drivers’ school” means the business of giving instruction, for compensation, in the driving of private passenger motor vehicles and does not include training of professional drivers of motor vehicles other than private passenger motor vehicles (CT Sec. 14-69).  The Connecticut drivers school bond must be be issued by a surety company authorized to conduct surety business in the State of Connecticut. The surety bond must be conditioned primarily on the faithful performance by the school of any contract to furnish instruction.  The obligation also guarantees that the school will comply with the provisions of any state or federal law relating to the conduct of a driving school and provide indemnity for any loss sustained by any person by reason of any acts of the driving school.  The Connecticut driving school bond further strictly guarantees to compensate parties damaged as a result of the suspension or revocation of the school’s license or the school going out of business.  The surety bond must be written in an amount set by the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles and held by him or her to satisfy any execution issued against the driving school in a cause of auction arising from the school’s failure to perform a valid contract.  The obligation is not cumulative, being limite in the aggregate to only the face amount of the instrument.  The Connecticut drivers school bond may be canceled by the the surety by giving thirty days written notice of the cancellation by registered or certified mail, to the principal and to the Motor Vehicles Commissioner.

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