Effective June 25th, 2015, a South Carolina Waste Tire Hauler Surety Bond is required in addition to other obligations for registration and permitting in the state. Pursuant to the statute, parties that carry more than fifteen tires per haul must be registered. Municipalities and other government dependencies as well as haulers engaged exclusively transporting tires for retreading are exempt from registration. Permit applications and annual renewals of the same must be submitted no less than thirty days prior to commencement of operations. The anniversary/expiration date is March 1st.

The South Carolina waste tire hauler surety bond must be included with the initial application and evidence of the continuation of that financial assurance with each subsequent renewal. The surety bond must be issued to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control and issued in the amount of ten thousand dollars ($10,000). The obligation guarantees “environmental clean-up and corrective action”, however a closer look at the statute reveals other important duties of the waste tire hauler such as taking actions to prevent the spread of mosquitoes. The bond contains forfeiture language however the law obligates the Department of return any funds not for the guaranteed corrective action. The surety bond is cancelable by the surety company on 120 days notice to the Department. The application for registration is available at https://www.scdhec.gov/library/D-2735.pdf, and the surety bond form available from Surety One, Inc. on request. Registration materials should be submitted as follows:

ATTN: Waste Tire Hauler Registration
South Carolina Waste Tire Hauler Surety Bond
Division of Compliance and Enforcement
2600 Bull Street
Columbia, SC 29201-1708

According to the Department, a registered waste tire hauler shall only dispose of waste tires at a Department permitted or approved waste tire collection or processing facility. A South Carolina Waste Tire Hauler Annual Report must be filed annual, generally with the registrants renewal application. The Department also requests immediate notice of any change in the tire hauler’s company and driver/operator information. The registrant must retain records of its activity for three years and they are open to inspection to the Department.

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