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California Credit Services Organization Bond

In California, a credit repair specialist must follow mandatory registration protocols and file a California credit services organization bond in order to offer his or her services with the state. A “certificate of registration” is required of all market participants…. Continue Reading →

DMEPOS Surety Bond Requirements

Effective May 4th, 2009, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Medicaid and Medicare Services instituted new protocols for obtaining billing privileges which included a DMEPOS surety bond. Pursuant to federal code §424.58, a DMEPOS supplier means a supplier of… Continue Reading →

Fianza de Hostelero

La “Ley 272” de Puerto Rico establece que los dueños de las propiedades de alojamiento uplementario a “corto Plazo” cobran un impuesto igual a un siete por ciento (7%) del costo de la habitación por concepto del “Impuesto sobre el Canon por Ocupación de Habitación”. El… Continue Reading →

U.S. Customs Bond Principals to Provide More Information.

U.S. Customs Bonds

Michigan Landfill Surety Bond Changes for Closure & Post-Closure

As of December 26th, 2013 the State of Michigan’s landfill surety bond requirements have been modified.  The section of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act pertinent to the bonding requirement for the various types of landfill is as follows: Sec. 11523…. Continue Reading →

Fianza de Fiel Cumplimiento

Qué es una fianza de fiel cumplimiento?  Cuando una agencia o departamento gubernamental ofrece un proyecto o una obra pública a un contratista privado, establece la ley federal esa misma agencia tiene que exigir que el contratista provisione una fianza… Continue Reading →

Fianza de Contratista de Construcción

Muchos estados y municipios exigen que un contratista general obtenga y deposite una fianza de contratista de construcción.  Esta clase de fianza no es una obligación de fiel cumplimiento, sino una garantía de la buena conducta del contratista.  Una compañía afianzadora siempre espera que el solicitante… Continue Reading →

Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Surety Bond Requirements.

As per the U.S. Environmental Protections Agency all operators of municipal solid waste landfills (MSWLFs) are required to demonstrate that they will be able to pay for the required closure and post-closure care activities, and any corrective action that might… Continue Reading →

Unclaimed Property Bond.

An unclaimed property bond is often a prerequisite for the return of funds or securities held by a state unclaimed property office.  This is a lost instrument bond, usually required in a fixed penalty, which protects the state from claims… Continue Reading →

Supersedeas Bond

A supersedeas bond is essentially an appeal bond.  An appellant that wishes to delay payment or compliance with a judgment may offer a supersedeas bond, effectively staying execution of the judgment during the appeal period.  A supersedeas bond benefits BOTH… Continue Reading →

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