A Utah Contractors Bond is required by law from over thirty different classes of trade contractor.  The contractor sector is vigorously regulated by the state. “Contractor” means any person who for compensation other than wages as an employee undertakes any work in the construction, plumbing or electrical trade for which licensure is required under this chapter.  The Utah contractor license bond and license requirements include: (i) a person who builds any structure on the person’s own property for the purpose of sale or who builds any structure intended for public use on the person’s own property; (ii) any person who represents that the person is a contractor by advertising or any other means; (iii) any person engaged as a maintenance person, other than an employee, who regularly engages in activities set forth under the definition of “construction trade”;  (iv) any person engaged in any construction trade for which licensure is required under Utah Chap. 58-55; or (v) a construction manager who performs management and counseling services on a construction project for a fee.

The Utah contractors license bond requirement falls under 58-55-306.  An applicant for licensure as a contractor and a licensee applying for renewal or reinstatement of a contractors license shall demonstrate to the Utah Division of Occupational Licensing the applicant’s or licensee’s financial responsibility before the issuance of a license by:  (a) (i) completing a questionnaire developed by the division; and (ii) signing the questionnaire, certifying that the information provided is true and accurate; or (b) submitting a Utah contractors license bond in an amount and form determined by the commission.  The surety bond is a compliance obligation and guarantee of indemnity for damages caused by the contractor and/or his employees.  The Utah contractor bond guarantees that the contractor will indemnify persons, firms and corporations for losses which may occur as the result of the contractor’s violation of any of the unlawful or unprofessional conduct provisions of Utah Code Ann. Title 58, Chapters 1 and 55 or any law respecting commerce in contracting promulgated by a licensing or regulating authority.  The Utah contractors license bond also ensures that the contractor will pay reasonable attorney’s fees in cases successfully prosecuted or settled against the Principal or Surety.

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