Currently over twenty states require that appraisal management companies procure and file an appraisal management company bond with the various state boards of real estate appraisal and consumer affairs agencies. Following the banking sector melt-down and subsequent crippling of financial markets due to subprime mortgage exposures, regulators refocused on the impartiality of real estate appraisers. The federal government instituted guidelines to ensure that appraisers are independent of the lending process and more specifically immune to lender pressure to inflate property values. Appraisal management companies generally offer the following services and benefits to the parties to a mortgage loan.

  • Select qualified, licensed appraisers with knowledge of the market.
  • Negotiate fees and the services to be performed by appraisers.
  • Assign appraisal requests, monitor progress and the quality of the appraisal.
  • Deliver this appraisal to the requesting parties.

Since both the lender and the purchaser of property have a financial interest in the transaction, there is a risk they may attempt to encourage the appraiser to inflate property values. The AMC acts as important buffer between the parties.

Almost every state requires licensing or registration of AMCs. Likewise, most states require an appraisal management company bond from an applicant as a prerequisite of licensing or registration. This surety bond is a compliance obligation. The instrument guarantees that the AMC will comply with the laws that regulate the industry and perform those duties of an AMC with honesty and integrity. For a compendium of the state licensing laws and appraisal management company surety bond requirements click here.

Generally we require only a completed commercial surety bond application to underwrite these obligations. Larger surety bond requests and AMCs that have been found in violation of AMC laws and codes of conduct will be required to submit personal and business financial statements. Surety bonds are essentially unsecured credit instruments therefore personal credit is an important factor in underwriting. We offer non-standard programs to applicants that may have impaired credit or may be “start ups” with no operating history. We decline NO request for an appraisal management company bond but rather offer premium quotes which fit the AMC’s particular circumstances. Call (800) 373-2804 or email for an appraisal management company bond or to discuss your company’s needs. National surety bond leader, is the premier provider of surety bond capacity to AMCs.

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