Health studios in Florida must be registered with the Department of Commerce and post a Florida health studio surety bond.  Chapter 501 of the Florida General Statutes defines a health studio as any person who is engaged in the sale of services for instruction, training, or assistance in a program of physical exercise or in the sale of services for the right or privilege to use equipment or facilities in furtherance of a program of physical exercise.  The Florida health studio bond must be issued in the amount of 50,000 and runs to the benefit of any consumer who is injured as a result of any violation of sections 501.012 – 501.019, Florida Statutes (Florida Health Studio Act).  Essentially the bond reimburses members if the studio fails to meet its contractual obligations to its members.  The nations surety leader, Surety One, Inc., offers health studio bonds to all applicants regardless of credit condition. Visit the nation’s surety leader at, call (787) 333-0222 or (800) 373-2804, or email, for a Florida health studio bond application or information about any surety bond product.  We bond in EVERY state! Recuéde que hablamos castellano.  Siempre le podemos asesorar en su idioma preferido.