A Mecklenburg County land use bond is required of ALL development and construction operations doing business within Mecklenburg County, North Carolina.  This surety bond, also known as a Mecklenburg County Land Use and Construction bond, must be issued in the amount of $1,000 and in favor of the county.  Although this surety bond is a considered a local compliance bond the obligation does have a claims history and contains some significant guarantees.  The Mecklenburg County contractor bond form guarantees payment(s), to wit; “the Principal has applied for an ‘Account’ which includes all charges (including permit fees and other amounts charged by Principal to the Account and penalties and additional charges which might be levied against Principal for violations of land development rules, ordinances and regulations or charged to Principal in connection with such rules, ordinances or regulations) associated with all land development regulatory matters engaged in by Principal in the County.  The Mecklenburg County land use surety bond guarantee also includes penalties associated with Building Code matters, subdivision matters, storm water matters, soil erosion and sedimentary control matters, both City of Charlotte and County fire marshal matters, NESHAP Air Quality matters, Planning Commission matters, City Engineering matters, and County environmental health matters.

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