Contractor License Bonds

Oregon Contractor Bond

Oregon law requires an Oregon contractor bond from anyone who works for compensation in any construction activity involving improvements to real property.  The principal mus alsot be licensed with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board (CCB). The regulated business activities include… Continue Reading →

Utah Contractors License Bond

A Utah Contractors Bond is required by law from over thirty different classes of trade contractor.  The contractor sector is vigorously regulated by the state. “Contractor” means any person who for compensation other than wages as an employee undertakes any work… Continue Reading →

Nevada Contractors License Bond

According the Nevada State Contractors Board, each contractor’s license issued in the state requires a Nevada contractors license bond. The Board determines the amount of the bond at the time of license approval, which can vary in amount from $1,000… Continue Reading →

DC Electrical Surety Bond

If you wish to operate as an electrical contractor in the District of Columbia you must provide a DC Electrical Bond, also called a DC Electrical Surety Bond for Designated Masters, pass the electrical contractor examination and fulfill all licensing… Continue Reading →

Georgia General Contractor Bond

A license from the State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors and a Georgia general contractor bond are required for two of the four classes of G.C. bond in the State.  Pursuant to Georgia law (O.C.G.A. § 43-41 and… Continue Reading →

City of Aspen maintenance bond.

Contractors filing for a right of way permit in Aspen must provide the City Engineering Department a $2,000 City of Aspen maintenance bond.  The obligation is more complicated and onerous than most local permit bonds.  The surety bond guarantees that the contractor will… Continue Reading →

Alaska contractor bond.

Pursuant to Alaska statute AS 08.18.011 constructions contractors must provide either a $10,000 Alaska general contractor bond, a $5,000 specialty contractor bond, or a $5,000 mechanical contractor bond to the Alaska Department of Commerce.  The contractors obligation is to pay all taxes… Continue Reading →

Idaho HVAC contractor bond.

HVAC specialty contractors in Idaho must provide the Division of Building Safety a $2,000 an HVAC compliance bond, also known as an HVAC contractors certification bond. The obligation ensures that the contractor will perform all HVAC work, whether personally or… Continue Reading →

Iowa out of state contractor bond.

In Iowa the law requires that all individual contractors and businesses performing “construction” work within Iowa be registered with the Division of Labor if they earn at least $2,000 a year from that work. If your principal place of business is… Continue Reading →

TN home improvement contractor bond.

In Tennessee a Home Improvement Contractor license is required for remodeling projects in several counties when the project cost reaches a $3,000 threshold. You’ll need a home improvement contractor bond!  Consumers prefer to hire licensed professionals, especially when it comes… Continue Reading →

Washington electrical contractors surety bond.

A Washington telecommunications contractor bond is easy to get from Surety One, Inc.!  In order to engage in the electrical contracting industry in Washington the Department of Labor and Industries requires the contractor to provide a surety bond.  The electrical… Continue Reading →

New Mexico Contractor Bond.

In 2008, the New Mexico legislature passed a law requiring contractors to carry a $10,000 Consumer Protection Code Bond to satisfy the financial responsibility requirement for licensure.  As of July 1st, 2009, all new licensees and all renewals of licenses… Continue Reading →

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